• Flower Games - Gear up for a mystical adventure in magnificent worlds
    far apart!! The creators of popular titles such as Frozen Pop - Frozen Games,
    Gummy Pop, Space Cats Pop and Bubble Farmer are proud to bring you the
    latest bubble popping adventure - Flower Games - Bubble Pop!

Game Play

Ready, aim and shoot!

The flower gods have called upon a chosen few warriors to retrieve flowers with super magical powers. The warriors of each world must defeat the evil that lies in their respective worlds and gain possession of the mythical flowers that lie in their captivity. Can you help the warriors in doing so? Travel exquisite locations in worlds - each different from the previous one and enjoy a magical adventure in the best bubble shooter experience.

Journey through the Jade Realms,the Barren Sea, the Ghost Valley, the Spring Castle and many more worlds celebrating various festivals and seasons of that world, all the while enjoying bubble popping extravaganza.



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